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Our Food

A perfect wedding food menu has something for every taste, from your vegetarian guests to the most committed carnivores. That kind of diversity takes more than just ambition to pull off. You need chefs who are enterprising, fearless and well-traveled, and a service staff to make the whole day go off like a dream.

That’s G.R Premium Catering in a nutshell. We take pride in our stalwart commitment to truly superior service, including the kind of food that will have your loved ones raving long after the day has passed. And when the schedule gets crunched or guests have special requests, we are more than happy to accommodate any contingency and think on the fly throughout the day.


One of our great strengths is the willingness of our planning pros to sit with you and really understand what the day is about. We will help make a schedule, figure out flow and presentation and make sure everything the guests touch, see or eat makes sense as part of an overall design scheme.

Dessert Menu

  1. Peach Provencale
  2. G.R Roasted Almond Cake
  3. G.R Classic Mousse
  4. Fruit Gateau
  5. Tiramisu
  6. Pastries
  7. Kiwi Extravaganza
  8. Monkey Heaven
  9. Bombe Tropicana
  10. Opera Delight
  11. Magestic Coffee
  12. Chocoholics Fantasy
  13. Choco Praline Gateau
  14. Temptation Ice Cake
  15. Rejoice Chocolate
  16. Mocha Caramel
  17. Ghon Yatoo
  18. Moms Fav Chocolate
  19. Orange Accident
  20. Pumpkin Cheese Cake
  21. Banoffee Pie
  22. Berry Tango
Desi Desserts
  1. Kheer Khatori
  2. Shahi Kheer
  3. Shahi Tukra
  4. Fruit Triffle
  5. Sujji Halwa
  6. Firni
  7. Rabri
  8. Gulab Jaman
  9. Chamcham
  10. Kulfi Matka
  11. Kulfi Falooda
  12. Zafrani Kheer

Dessert Bar

  • G.R Regal Bar
    Choose 14 desserts from our selection to be served on stations at your event.
  • G.R Italian Bar
    Tiramisu special, Opera house special, Muddy Chocolate, Wicked brownies, Mousse Madness,
    Deviled temptation, Fresh fruit salad, coffee fantasy, apple crumble, crème caramel.
  • G.R Exotic Bar
    Strawberry dream, blue berry cheesecake, tiramisu, baked Alaska, truffles, profitter rolls,
    crème caramel, berry tango, chocolate fudge
  • G.R Desi Bar
    An assortment of Pakistani mithai delicacies served with a spin on mirror platters.
  • Fruit Bar
    Fruits of the season, freshly cut on site then placed on ice to retain freshness,